Wedding Photos!

We've finally had a chance to go through all of the wedding photos and get some of them online. Click the link below to view our Yahoo! photo albums. (Sarah deserves all of the credit for this)


Welcome to the wedding web site of Sarah Allen and Michael Sams! Sarah and Michael will be married on July 8, 2006 in the lovely city of Pittsburgh. On this site you will find some important information concerning our wedding.

The Couple

Unlike many couples, Michael and Sarah do not claim to have a romantic "how we met" story. In the summer of 2002 their paths crossed at Blockbuster Video where Michael was working as an assistant manager and Sarah completed a brief stint as a "customer service representative" (she put movies back on the shelves). You could call this a twist of fate because during this particular summer, none of the Pittsburgh GAP stores had space for Sarah (or so they claimed). Needless to say, Michael and Sarah entered into a secret work relationship (shhh...). Their love continued to blossom even as Sarah returned to the University of Delaware in the fall and their union endured two years of "long distance" status. In the summer of 2004 Sarah returned to Pittsburgh and the couple grew more certain that their bond was built to last. On February 1, 2005 Michael asked Sarah to be his wife. And the rest is history...