Posted by Erica on 22 Jun 2006
W e are so excited for you! I am so excited that I get to be there to celebrate your special day with you! Jason and I can't wait to see you in Charleston the following weekend for our wedding. See you in 2 weeks!
Posted by Andrew Riznyk on 20 Jun 2006
I am sorry that Andrew will not be able to attend your wedding. He is working as an assistant cook on the cruise ship Aloha Princess in the Hawaiian Islands.
Ken Riznyk
Posted by Aunt gretchen on 18 May 2006
Susie...Can't believe you are getting married! The day will soon be here. Looking forward to a "typical" fun Allen/Sams time! See you at the shower. Love, Auntie G.
Posted by Crystal on 16 May 2006
Sarah and Mike... I'm so happy for you both and Ben & I can't wait to come share in your big day!
Love you both,
Posted by Suzanne & Joe Capannelli on 15 May 2006
Dear Sarah,
We have been blessed to know you since you were just a little girl. Watching you grow, from a sweet, kind, considerate little a beautiful, kind, and gracious young woman. We look forward to meeting Mike, he must be very special if you have chosen to spend your life with him. Best wishes for your happiness, and congratulations to Mike!
We are very excited to be a part of your special day!
Joe and Suzanne Capannelli
Posted by Debbie and Mike on 05 May 2006
I am so happy for you!